Regular Members
Enterprises or firms duly licensed by the appropriate government agency as travel and tour agencies and admitted to membership by the Board of Trustees.
Regular Members
Associate members
Allied Members
Affiliate Members
Allied International
Membership Responsibilities
  • Active participation and involvement in the activities of the association, specifically in the concerns of the committees.
  • Regular attendance at the General Membership and Business Meetings.
  • Adherence and commitment to the PTAA Principles of Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics.
  • Prompt payment of membership dues and special assessments and other fees.

Privileges and benefits

Regular, Associate, Allied, Affiliate and Allied International members exercise their rights and prerogatives through their Official Representatives or Alternate representatives, who are the most senior executive officers.

The Official Representative of Regular members has the right to vote during elections and in all matters that are required to be submitted to the general membership for resolution and to be voted upon as candidate.

Regular access to updated information on relevant industry issues, events and matters of general interest through memo circulars and the PTAA Record Locator, the association’s Newsletter.

Participation in educational and other professional development programs, both sponsored by the Association and/ or co-sponsored with the other companies.

Proper PTAA accreditation through the issuance of a PTAA membership certificate, sticker and Ids which are issued annually.

Marketing exposures/ promotions/ referrals of prospective clients/ business contracts through the Membership Directory published on an annual basis.

Participation in all industry events/ activities where the association is involved

Accreditation with BI, DFA, Embassies and other government agencies.

Social Fellowship and networking opportunities.

Participation in the ASEAN Tourism Forum- Travel Exchange (ATF-Travex)

Loss of membership
  • Cancellation, withdrawal or revocation of License by the appropriate government agency issuing the license
  • Default in the payment of fees/or dues and other assessments of the Association, after due notice from the Secretary General.
  • Culpable violation of the Association's By-Laws, PTAA Code of Ethics and other pertinent rules and regulations of the Association.
  • Gross unethical or immoral conduct inimical to the objectives and interest of the Association and/or the tourism industry.
  • Failure to attend three (3) General Membership Meetings within a calendar year, except that members whose principal offices in their Articles of Incorporation are outside of Metro Manila are requires to attend at least one (1) General Membership Meeting within a calendar year.
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