Tourism groups: Keep P10-B bailout fund in Bayanihan 2 < back

Philippine Travel Agencies Association president Ritchie Tuano said the tourism industry needed direct infusion in the form of zero to low-interest loans with longer payment periods to allow stakeholders to fully recover from the effects of the pandemic.

He said what was “more urgent” at this time was “ensuring the survival of an industry on the verge of collapse due to the effects of the pandemic.”

Tuano pointed out that after almost 150 days of community quarantine, most tourism establishments have not been allowed to operate, resulting in virtually no revenues with many enterprises choosing to close their businesses or considering to do so.

He said the tourism industry got only a “little share” of the various government amelioration programs compared to its big contribution to the national economy.

“It is about time we get the vital financial aid from government for the industry to survive,” Tuano said.

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Tourism groups: Keep P10-B bailout fund in Bayanihan 2